‘New London Light’ Midnight Sun 70cl, 0%

‘Midnight Sun’ has been fastidiously distilled and crafted with 7 core botanicals and a further 7 natural botanical distillates and extracts, all of which have been hand-selected to showcase the flavours of the wild Nordic coastlines and nod to the pillars of modern Nordic cuisine.

To make the base for ‘Midnight Sun,’ the master distillers first perform a ‘botanical steep.’ Seven hand-sourced and carefully balanced botanicals, including elderberries, seaberries, kelp, and samphire, are steeped in a neutral grain spirit and water for 48 hours at around 40% ABV. The use of alcohol to extract and transport flavour is a critical step in the process.

The ‘botanical steep’ is then distilled in our rotary vacuum still, which eliminates the alcohol without compromising the flavour, utilising a combination of craft and ingenuity. This results in a highly concentrated core flavour distillate that serves as the foundation for ‘Midnight Sun.’ This core flavour distillate is then meticulously combined with seven additional natural flavours, including lingonberries and pine, and stabilised with the uncommon usage of kombucha.

On the nose, there’s a delicate blend of lavender, elderflower, and fresh pine with a hint of berry sweetness and grassy dill.

On the palate, there are sweet yet complex berry flavours with a tiny note of salinity from the kelp and samphire. Elderflower floral tones and resinous pine notes create a complete spectrum of flavour.

The finish is long and lingering, with sweetness giving way to elderberry acidity, sage and pine dryness, and a lingering impression of the sea thanks to the delicate kelp flavours.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Salcombe Distilling Co. recommends a ‘Midnight Sun & Tonic’ to give a new perspective on complex flavour combinations of ‘New London Light’ Midnight Sun.


50ml New London Light ‘Midnight Sun’
150ml Premium light tonic water
Mint leaf and a raspberry to garnish


Fill a high ballglass with ice
Add one large measure of New London Light ‘Midnight Sun’
Add 150ml of premium light tonic water
Garnish with a mint leaf and a single raspberry
Gently stir and serve


Brand Salcombe Distilling Company
Country UK
Region Salcombe, Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 0%
Flavour Elderberries, Seaberries, Kelp
About the Producer

Salcombe Distilling Co.

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