Our Environment

Obviously shipping liquid around the world in glass bottles isn’t the most environmentally friendly activity. This is another reason we ask you to think about how you order.

Ideally ordering more bottles and less often not only helps you hit the free delivery, but also helps lower our environmental impact.

The packaging we have chosen not only offers great protection, but also is sympathetic to our environment. The card and the plastic are recyclable in most authority areas. Advances in environmentally friendly packaging are happening at a fast pace and we monitor and upgrade our packaging according as it becomes available. Although it is in its early days, refill packs are starting to become available from some distilleries as a sympathetic option.
Simply refill your existing bottles and dispose of the recyclable pouch.

We operate from modern, efficient insulated warehouses and office space that includes low cost LED, motion activated lighting and solar panels to generate electricity.

We have been an employer of local people for nearly 20 years and regularly hold events and contribute to both local and national charities.

These include RNLI, Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.