Meet the Producers

Some have been distilling and producing spirits for generations. Others have given up their chosen careers for the lure of the still.


All of them produce spirits of exceptional quality, with their lives and experiences firmly embedded in the resulting recipes.


When meeting with these producers, it is their drive and passion to create something distinctive and personal that shines through.


There are distillers who are obsessed with the technical and have invented new equipment and processes to achieve their ambitions.


Rarely do two producers use identical botanicals or processes. The endless choice of styles is what makes it so exciting. Your next favourite is waiting to be discovered.


Calvados, one of the world’s finest spirits, has been produced in the historic French region of Normandy for at least five centuries. The Calvados Berneroy Master Blender employs time-honoured methods and finely honed expertise to create a range of distinctively fruity calvados, capturing the very esse

Black Cow Distillery

Their father made cheese, their grandfather made cheese, their great grandfather made cheese and their great great grandfather, yes, you guessed it… cheese. They were expected to make cheese. But these guys didn’t simply chuck this tradition into the bin. In fact, they just looked in the bin and saw

Black Forest Distillery

For some time now, Monkey 47 has been produced in the Black Forest at a distillery dubbed “Zum Wilden Affen”. This facility is located at the Schaberhof just south of Lossburg, near the former site of a village called Vogelsberg that first appears in the annals of history around the year 1297. Same

Black Friars Distillery

The building dates back to the early 1400s, with the most intact part of the distillery, the Refectory Room – a medieval hall with a fine hull-shaped timber roof built in 1431, being one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth. It is thus protected as a national monument and is one of the city

Black Mountain Spirits Company

The proud makers of St Abbs Rum… The Shipwreck and the Rum’s Rebellion The three-masted full-rigged wooden vessel St Abbs was launched from the ship yards of Sunderland in 1848, spending her life chartered to the Honourable East India Company. In 1855, under the guiding hand of Captain Bell, t

Blackingstone Distillery

Tom: “It looks like after 10 years in the Army I’m hanging up my boots, It’s time to Pull The Pin and follow another passion…what do you think about upscaling our Rum trials?” Kerry: “Let’s do it!” Tom: “Good job as I’ve sold all I’ve got and bought a still and spices!” ​And just like that ‘PULL THE

Bodegas Osborne

Set up by an Englishman, Thomas Osborne Mann, in 1772, it remains one of Spain’s oldest companies run continuously by the same family. La Bodega de Mora has held the biggest collection of VORS wine in the sherry region,dedicated to the satisfaction of the most demanding palates.You will discov

Bramley and Gage Distillery

The 6 O’Clock Story 6 O’clock Gin is a craft gin brand patiently distilling strikingly smooth artisan gins in small batches, using traditional skills and only the best natural ingredients. They are owned and operated by the family-run artisan spirit company Bramley & Gage, based in Thornbu

Bruichladdich Distillery

Bruichladdich is living proof that the traditional whisky regions of Scotland make no sense. We are told by these Hebredean distillers to not think that labelling a whisky “Islay” has anything to do with taste because the truth is far more complicated and interesting. Built in 1881 when puffer-suppl

Capreolus Distillery

The skills to capture botanical perfection, elegance and complexity encompassed only at the peak of ripeness, is a skill that few can possess. With an uncompromising focus, the Capreolus Distillery charts one man’s passion in the pursuit of an absolute level of quality. Wild and expressive, li

Capucana Distillery

The distillery was founded in 1886 by Christiano Matthiessen. An abolitionist road engineer who emigrated to Brazil from Denmark. He was hired to plan roads and highways in the area. There he met his wife; Sofía, half Brazilian and half German. Christiano, totally in love with Sofía and the colours

Casa Orendain

Casa Orendain: A Legendary Distillery with a Rich Heritage When it comes to tequila, one name stands out among the rest: Casa Orendain. With a history that stretches back over a century, this iconic distillery has become synonymous with excellence, tradition, and exceptional craftsmanship. From its