Blackingstone Distillery

Tom: “It looks like after 10 years in the Army I’m hanging up my boots, It’s time to Pull The Pin and follow another passion…what do you think about upscaling our Rum trials?”

Kerry: “Let’s do it!”

Tom: “Good job as I’ve sold all I’ve got and bought a still and spices!”

And just like that ‘PULL THE PIN’ was born. Not only the most exciting infused rums to hit the British Rum scene, but a name with a message. A metaphor for life: follow what’s good and Pull The Pin on what’s not. Live life to the full, celebrate what is great! This is the foundation of the company and is remembered every time a bottle is created.

Army Commando Tom met Physiotherapist Kerry in the military and they discovered a shared enthusiasm and vision for the future. They had an idea for an iconic brand and took a leap in a new direction.

When one chapter ends another one begins and without the career ending injuries that Tom sustained this new opportunity wouldn’t have been there. It was a challenging time in many ways and finding a new purpose in life was essential. If you can’t find the job that you want, then create it!

Guided by passion they have created something quite amazing. The attention to detail and the need to pursue perfection are the qualities that enabled these two to fulfil their aim of making amazing tasting Rums in an iconic bottle.

A Spiced Rum, so warm and smooth it is a delight over ice. A perfectly balanced spice blend that lifts your favourite mixer to new heights and gives any Rum cocktail an extra taste sensation and dimension. A rum that is always the right decision.

Light fruity Rums, blended to perfection for a taste sensation and a new take on Rum. A Silver Passionfruit and Pineapple Rum and a Pink Raspberry and Strawberry Rum. Light and refreshing to mix well with a tonic of your choice, a lemonade with ice or as the perfect addition to a fruity cocktail.

By This Producer