Krohn Colheita 1982 Port 75cl, 21%

These are undoubtedly the Krohn House’s most appreciated Ports.

Colheita Ports are high-quality single-year ports that have been aged in wood for at least seven years.

They are usually bottled immediately before they leave the cellars, which can be considerably later than the seventh year. As a result, Colheita Ports are typically aged in wood for extended periods of time, gaining the distinctive mahogany colour of ancient Tawnies, a rich and nuanced fragrance, a nutty flavour, and a smooth texture.

Aged Colheita Port develops a colour similar to mahogany aged Tawnies as well as a superb aroma and rich notes of nuts and hazelnuts, as well as a silky texture.

The colour ranges from deep gold to burned orange, with a complex aroma of crème brulee, nougat, and caramelised almonds. Marmalade, crystallised ginger, almonds, and lemon zest abound on the taste. Beautifully matured, with a lingering finish and well-balanced acidity.


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Krohn Colheita 1982 Port  works best after a meal with creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert.


Brand Krohn & Weise
Country Portugal
Region Rio Torto, Douro
Size 75cl
Grape Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa
Flavour Crème Brulee, Caramelised Almonds
ABV 21%
Attributes Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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