Lantic Gin

70cl, 42%

Skylark Distillery is Producer of The Month, July 2023!

Growing up in the South-West, Alex Palmer-Samborne is on a quest to make seasonal spirits using locally foraged botanicals and clean Cornish spring water. He hopes to discover the wilder side of gin.

His adventure began in a Cornish barn with a conventional two-litre copper still, an open mind, and a self-taught method in which he just practised distilling. He wanted to create a gin that was unique from other gins which reflected Cornwall’s beach atmosphere and seasonal fragrances.

The intense sensory experience that comes from walking the coastal route helps to shape the concepts for Lantic Gin, from the sweet scent of gorse flower in the spring to the beautiful colour of honeysuckle and elderflower interwoven at the beginning of summer. It makes sense that such fragrances, colours, and tastes would be similarly captivating.

Lantic Gin is made using the most traditional distillation technique, known as “steep and boil.” He warms the 150-litre copper pot still, ‘Virginia’ and steeps the base botanicals all night to bring out their flavours. The next morning, they add the delicate floral plants that were foraged nearby and warm ‘Virginia’ carefully. Because of their delicate nature, these botanicals are difficult to distil and need for careful attention and expertise.

Tasting Note

Alex uses a mixture of 15 different botanicals including rock samphire, gorse flowers, water mint, heather, lemon thyme and apple mint that gives Lantic Gin its unique and distinct flavour after blending with Cornish spring water.

A well balanced and exceptionally smooth contemporary gin that carries an abundance of coastal characteristics.


Try the Summer Foraged Lantic Gin for a seasonally joyous gin.

Or the Lantic Morva Gin if berries are more your vibe.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Lantic Gin is glorious with a premium Mediterranean tonic, a sprig of thyme and a twist of lime.


Brand Skylark Distillery
Country UK
Region Lostwithiel, Cornwall
Size 70cl
ABV 42%
Flavour Herbaceous | Citrus | Floral
About the Producer

Skylark Distillery

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