The Courtesan Riesling

“The Courtesan is the epitome of good breeding. Wonderful posture, a delicacy of frame and a fragrance to haunt the most sated of olfactory functions. Behind closed doors though, the Courtesan shocks with its racy charms, flirting outrageously with “come-drink-me” eyes. Don’t be fooled, The Courtesan means business.”

The Courtesan Riesling is a delightful addition to Thistledown Wines‘ popular Wild & Wilder Character Series. This Clare Valley Riesling is beautifully balanced with zippy acidity wrapping around flavours of juicy citrus, white blossoms and refreshing minerality. Vibrant and mouth-watering, The Courtesan Riesling charms with every sip.

Vintage Conditions

Warm early months followed by a cooler late summer promoted ideal ripening at low yields, concentrating flavours. Strict viticulture ensured pristine fruit despite bushfires and pandemic challenges.


The Courtesan Riesling hails from mature vines in Clare Valley‘s southern reaches. Dry conditions yielded very concentrated grapes. Minimal intervention preserves the delicate aromatics and light body that define this Riesling’s style.

Winemaking Process

Gentle winemaking retains vibrancy and fruit for The Courtesan Riesling. Rapid morning harvest and transport to the winery prevents premature oxidation. After crushing, only the purest free-run juice is kept for fermentation. Cool temperature fermentation preserves the Riesling’s delicate fruit profile before brief lees aging pre-bottling.

Tasting Notes

The Courtesan Riesling delights the nose with aromas of fresh lemon, lime and white blossoms.

The palate shows juicy flavours of Meyer lemon, key lime, white peach and apricot. Mouth-watering acidity and hints of wet stone minerals wrap around the vibrant citrus core of this tangy, dry Riesling.

The finish lingers with flinty minerality.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

The Courtesan Riesling’s bright citrus and stone fruit flavours pair fantastically with fresh seafood like ceviche, oysters and sushi.

Tangy goat cheese, vegetarian spring rolls and green salads complement the wine perfectly.


Brand Wild and Wilder
Country Australia
Region Clare Valley
Size 75cl
Grape Riesling
Flavour Lemon | Peach | Lime
Attributes Vegan

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