The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon

“Sometimes you’ve got to stick up for yourself… Fight for what is right in this world and uphold some good old fashioned values. Of course, one must always retain ones’ manners and obey the rules just ask the Pugilist. He’s powerful, thick-skinned but well-bred and with the manners and sense of fair play of a true gent.”

The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon is part of Thistledown WinesWild & Wilder Character Series. This savoury, herbaceous red features delicate floral aromas and sweet cherry flavours.


When growing the grapes for a wine like The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon, precision and balance in the vineyard are the ultimate goals. The experienced viticulturalists carefully monitor ripeness to pick the fruit at its optimal point. Picking just before the flavours become overly ripe retains vibrancy, freshness and varietal precision rather than allowing the grapes to tip over into a jammy flavour profile. This precise picking timing also allows for balanced sugars, acids, tannins and more in the finished wine.

Winemaking Process

Whole berry fermentation helps preserve the delicate floral aromatics like violets for a more perfume-like aromatic profile. Early pressing of the grapes retains the bright, fresh fruit flavours and prevents unwanted bitter and astringent tannins from developing. The wine is handled as gently as possible, keeping interventions to a minimum to let the true Cabernet Sauvignon character shine.

Tasting Notes

The nose of The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon shows off perfumed aromas of violets, fresh oregano, thyme and sweet glacé cherry notes.

The palate is dominated initially by juicy, ripe cherry flavours. Then more complexity and intrigue develops as savoury, earthy flavours emerge alongside dried herbal notes and hints of toasted spice.

This is a Cabernet Sauvignon with delightful aromatics and a taste profile that keeps you guessing with layers of flavour.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

With its savoury herbal notes, The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon calls for equally bold flavours.

Grilled lamb with rosemary, beef bourguignon, and eggplant Parmesan are excellent pairings. Aged, hard cheeses also make a flavourful match.


Brand Wild and Wilder
Country Australia
Region South Australia
Size 75cl
Grape Cabernet Sauvignon
Flavour Herby | Cherry | Violet
Attributes Vegan

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