The Opportunist Shiraz

“We’ve all got a mate who, despite the calamities befalling everyone else, always lands with his bum in the butter. When everyone else sees doom and gloom, The Opportunist sees blue skies and sunshine. Love him or hate him, The Opportunist always comes out on top.”

The Opportunist Shiraz is the latest addition to Thistledown Wines‘ engaging Wild & Wilder Character Series. True to its name, this Shiraz constantly evolves in the glass, revealing layers of ripe fruit, chocolate, mint and peppery spice. Vibrant yet smooth, it’s a wine that keeps you coming back for more.

Vintage Conditions

The Opportunist Shiraz grapes with ideal growing conditions for gradual, flavour-building ripening. Warm early months gave way to cooler late summer weather, concentrating flavours at low yields while dry conditions prevented disease pressure.


The Opportunist Shiraz hails from 25-year-old vines in South Australia’s Langhorne Creek region. Grown on sandy loam soils with clay, quartz and limestone, the vines produce small, intensely flavoured berries. Minimal intervention preserves the vibrant fruit that defines The Opportunist Shiraz.

Winemaking Process

In crafting The Opportunist, whole berry fermentation maximizes fruit freshness and expression. The grapes are picked just before over-ripeness, retaining vibrancy over ultra-ripe jamminess. After a gentle winemaking process, the wine matures in oak for 8 months, gaining further complexity.

Tasting Notes

Bursting with aromatic ripe cherry and blackcurrant fruit, The Opportunist Shiraz reveals fragrant notes of freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate, peppermint, liquorice and subtle peppercorn spice.

The luscious palate balances thick, smooth fruit weight with a fresh and vibrant Shiraz expression.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

The Opportunist Shiraz pairs sublimely with similarly bold flavours. Grilled lamb with rosemary, Italian sausage pizza, ratatouille and aged Gouda cheese are perfect matches.

For dessert, try fluffy chocolate mousse cake or baked cherries jubilee. However you enjoy it, the evolving layers of The Opportunist Shiraz will keep you anticipating the next sip.


Brand Wild and Wilder
Country Australia
Region South Australia
Size 75cl
Grape Shiraz
Flavour Cherry | Chocolate | Mint
Attributes Vegan

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