Loveday Organic Spiced Rum

50cl | 42%

Falmouth Distilling Co was established in 2020 by a chef, an artist and a scientist, 3 friends who decided to follow their dreams during lockdown 2020.

The 3 friends have known each other for years and their aim is to create stunning spirits focused on craftsmanship and inspired by the Cornish sea and the landscape around them. Golden Hour Gin is prime example of their how their experience and ethos have encouraged their gin making craft.

Falmouth Distilling Co. is currently only one of two distilleries in the UK making Organic rum. Loveday Organic Spiced Rum is aged in ex-bourbon casks before being infused with oak-smoked figs, fresh ginger and orange peel and very lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Loveday Organic Spiced Rum is one to sip neat for sure, maybe add an ice cube otherwise nothing else is needed.

If you do want to mix it, add some ginger beer and lime for a longer drink.


Brand Falmouth Distilling Co
Country UK
Region Falmouth | Cornwall
Size 50cl
ABV 42%
Flavour Orange | Oak | Sweet Spice