National Drinks Days Calendar | 2023

An important part of my role here is to (try) and be on top of popular market trends and aware of National Drinks Days, of which there are many.

I have a subscription to the Drinks Business, Drinks Retailing News, as well as several competitors which I won’t name for reasons of pride.

There is one more thing I have access to which I made just for myself and the rest of the team here at Rusty Nail Spirits and that is a live National Drinks Days calendar.

Take a looksee below, you can scroll through month by month to see what National Drinks Days are coming up so you can get yourself prepared at home or at work. I find this particularly helpful when planning Social Media posts or cocktail parties with my wife and besties =]

If you wanted a shortcut to this calendar then feel free to download it from the link below.

Save it to your Outlook, Google calendar or your smart phone calendar

National Drinks Days Calendar

Please remember to drink responsibly.

If you’d prefer I email you a copy of the National Drinks Days Calendar then let me know on

Need some cocktail inspiration for the next Drinks Day?
Here’s a few of our Rusty Cocktail faves!

The Rusty Berry Daiquiri

My take on the classic strawberry Daiquiri is this punchy, juicy, fruity mixed berry Daiquiri made with Two Drifters Lightly Spiced and Gabriel Boudier Crème De Cassis, raspberries, blackberries and lime juice.

The Rusty Margarita

2 options here, a normal Margarita or a spicy Margarita, both made with Batanga Reposado and the famous Gabriel Boudier Curacao Triple Sec Liqueur.
The level of heat is up to you!

The Pornstar Martini

An absolute staple in anyone’s cocktail encyclopaedia featuring Aval Dor Potato Vodka and Gabriel Boudier Passionfruit Liqueur.

The Corn-ish Espresso Martini

Made with local Cornish spirits; Aval Dor Potato Vodka and Kalkar Coffee Liqueur.

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National Drinks Days Calendar

Written by a Rusty Nailer