Rusty Berry Daiquiri Cocktail Video

Ah yes, the daiquiri, another classic that we decided to put a spin on. Considered one of the ‘original’ cocktails, this drink is a great example of how simplicity sometimes is the best answer. A combination of rum, lime and sugar, this delightful drink is sometimes overshadowed by it’s contemporary, aka the strawberry daiquiri and in the spirit of combining daiquiris and berries, we decided to share our recipe with you.

This cocktail recipe serves two.

Rusty Berry Daiquiri Ingredients

– 100ml Black Sails Spiced Rum (now called Two Drifters Lightly Spiced)

– 50ml Gabriel Boudier Crème De Cassis 

– 50ml of fresh lime juice

– 8 raspberries and 8 blackberries 

– 4 barspoons of 1:1 sugar syrup

– 1 egg white

– Garnish with a mint sprig

How to make a Rusty Berry Daiquiri

Muddle the berries and lime juice in the shaker until all of the juices have been extracted, then add the rum and the cassis.

Top the shaker with ice and then shake for about 10-15 seconds.

Strain the liquid with a hawthorne strainer back into the shaker before rinsing out the ice and fruit waste.

Add the egg white. For extra foam, I like to add a protein shaker whisk or the coil from my strainer as seen in the video.

Shake again for about 10 seconds.

Pour into 2 chilled Martini glasses then your Rusty Berry Daiquiri is ready to drink, enjoy!

Written by a Rusty Nailer