Aval Dor Potato Vodka

35cl, 40%

Aval Dor Potato Vodka is Cornwall’s first plough to bottle vodka.

Brothers Chris & Steve use the finest King Edwards potato crops grown on their 5th generation farm near Colwith Farm Distillery to create a premium spirit worthy of Cornish provenance.

Tasting Note

Their vodka is distilled a whopping forty-times before being blended with fresh mineral water from an aquifer situated deep beneath the distillery giving the vodka a smooth, creamy and vanilla finish.

Aval Dor is also available in a 70cl half bottle

The brothers also produce a potato Gin;
Stafford’s Gin 70cl
Stafford’s Gin 35cl



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Perfect Serve Nailed!

The half sized bottle of Aval Dor Potato Vodka works the exact same way as the full size bottle.
Keep this vodka in the freezer and serve straight up on the rocks or with your favourite mixer.



Brand The Colwith Farm Distillery
Country UK
Region Lanlivery, Cornwall
Size 35cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Smooth | Creamy | Vanilla
About the Producer

Colwith Farm Distillery

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