Kalkar Coffee Liqueur 20cl, 25%

The first concoction of the distilling trio based in Bude, Dr. Tom and married couple Fionagh and Richard crafted a coffee rum liqueur as their first venture into distilling. Dr. Tom’s background as a barista and cocktail enthusiast really shows through the liqueurs flavour profile. He uses a single origin coffee which offers fresh espresso and rich chocolate notes while the Cornish rum adds dried fruits and vanilla.


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Fabulous straight up on the rocks or mixed with coconut water for a refreshing tall drink. It also makes an incredible Espresso Martini.


Brand The Cornish Distilling Co
Country UK
Region Bude, Cornwall
Size 20cl
ABV 25%
Flavour Espresso, coffee, chocolate, fruit
About the Producer

Cornish Distilling Co

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