The Corn-ish Espresso Martini

According to Google, the most popular Cocktail in the UK is the Espresso Martini… I guess us Brits love to stay alert while we are drinking, eh? We’ve called this The Corn-ish Espresso Martini as a majority of the ingredients originate from Cornwall. The Aval Dor Potato Vodka is Cornish made and it is one of the most smoothest, creamiest vodkas I’ve ever tasted (and I have had quite a few…). The coffee liqueur is in fact a Rum Liqueur called Kalkar, also born and bred in Cornwall by the Cornish Distilling Co. The only thing that isn’t Cornish is the Coffee this is from a company based in London called Union.

Without further ado;
(For 1 Cocktail)
– 50ml Aval Dor Potato Vodka
– 25ml Kalkar Coffee Liqueur
– 25ml Espresso Shot
– Cocktail Shaker
– 25ml jigger
– Hawthorn Strainer
– Martini Glass
– Ice
1 – Use the Union Hand Roasted Coffee Ground Espresso Blend to make yourself a 25ml shot of Espresso and allow it to cool.
2 – Chill the Martini glass with a handful of ice.
3 – Pour all the wet ingredients into the bottom shaker, fill with ice and shake.
4 – Keep shaking…
5 – After a good 30 seconds of vigorous shaking, empty the ice from the Martini glass and use a Hawthorn Strainer to strain your cocktail
6 – Garnish with a few cheeky coffee beans
Voila! Your very own Espresso Martini