Lantic Summer Foraged Gin 70cl, 42%

Lantic’s Summer Foraged Gin endeavours to catch the vibrant flora residing in coastal meadows and hedgerows during the summer months; allowing for a refreshing and elegant drink.

A whopping 21 botanicals are used which include; Elderflower, honeysuckle, red clover, bog myrtle, currant leaf, malwina strawberry, lemon verbena, apple mint, borage and water mint which are the ten foraged flowers and herbs delicately distilled with eleven additional classic gin botanicals.

A refreshing gin with fruity notes accompanied with delightful floral aromas and a distinct richness of fresh herbs.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Add a good measure of Lantic’s Summer Foraged Gin, cubed ice and a splash of a premium floral tonic.
Garnish with a few slices of strawberry.


Brand Skylark Distillery
Country UK
Region Lostwithiel, Cornwall
Size 70cl
ABV 42%
Flavour Elderflower, honeysuckle, strawberry
About the Producer

Skylark Distillery

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