Garden Swift Dry Gin

50cl, 47%

The Capreolus Distillery, tucked away in the breathtaking valleys, copses, and wildflower meadows of the Cotswolds is where the exquisite Garden Swift Dry Gin is crafted.

Barney Wilczak (Owner & Distiller) grew up in this area and employed his love of the natural world to inspire him on his quest towards distillation.

The name “Capreolus” is derived from the Latin term for the most beautiful of all deer, the roe – a delicate reminder of the ephemeral nature we must strive to conserve.

Tasting Note

Garden Swift Dry Gin is made from  a whopping 34 botanicals such as blood orange, berries, flowers and spices which are carefully distilled over 7 hours to create an earthy, sweet, spicy and floral gin.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

We believe that Garden Swift Dry Gin would work best with a premium regular tonic and a wheel of fresh blood orange.


Brand Capreolus Distillery
Country UK
Region Cirencester, Gloucester
Size 50cl
ABV 47%
Flavour Blood Orange | Fresh Berries | Floral
About the Producer

Capreolus Distillery

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