Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza

70cl | 28%

Bepi Tosolini is a small-batch distillery located in Padua, Italy that has been crafting artisanal liqueurs since 1975. They skilfully balance tradition and innovation to create distinct Italian spirits bursting with authentic flavour. Bepi Tosolini uses locally-sourced ingredients to make each liqueur special.

The Production Method

While many amaretti rely solely on apricot kernels or peach stones, Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza is made using premium crushed almonds to provide rich, authentic nuttiness. The almonds are meticulously macerated and re-distilled with grape spirit to extract the fullest natural flavour. Italian herbs and spices are then added to the almond infusion to give further complexity. Finally, the amaretto is gently sweetened and bottled at 28% ABV for optimal balance

Tasting Notes

This refined almond distillate showcases a harmonious and incredibly balanced profile. The nose on is beautifully aromatic with welcoming notes of freshly ground almonds, honey, candied apricot, toffee and bright orange peel.

On the palate, Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza is light and delicate yet bursting with flavour. It starts off with a sweet nuttiness reminiscent of fresh almonds that gradually transitions to richer notes of honey and apricot as the finish lingers. An undertone of toffee rounds out the profile.

The texture is silky and velvety, coating the mouth with an enveloping richness. The finish is long and lingering with a sweet candied almond note. Well balanced and nuanced, this almond distillate is a delight to sip and savour.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Sip Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza neat after dinner as a digestif.

For a classic cocktail, mix with cola over ice for a refreshing Amaretto Sour. Or pour a shot into coffee for a sweet caffeinated treat.


Brand Bepi Tosolini
Country Italy
Region Fruili, Veneto
Size 70cl
ABV 28%
Flavour Almonds | Marzipan | Honey | Orange

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