Bepi Tosolini Sambuca 70cl, 28%

The Tosolini family keep their distillation methods a very closed secret and they have kept it this way through many generations. Master Distiller Bepi Tosolini passed his knowledge down to his son, Giovanni, and he to his children, Guiseppe, Bruno and Lisa.

After dinner liqueurs in Italy are synonymous with sambuca. It’s also the country’s leading aniseed spirit and liqueur product. Tosolini makes theirs with just natural ingredients, and it’s rich with a pungent anise character on the nose that carries through to the palate with notes of fennel and just a touch of sweetness for balance. Drink it straight as a shot or in a corto espresso for a calming digestivo.

An intensely flavoured, rich and subtly sweet Italian aniseed liqueur from Bepi Tosolini of Fruili in the northeast of the country.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

This serves very well with an ice cube, poured over a sugar cube


Brand Bepi Tosolini
Country Italy
Region Fruili, Veneto
Size 70cl
ABV 38%
Flavour Anise, sweet
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