Bepi Tosolini Sambuca

70cl | 28%

Bepi Tosolini is a small-batch distillery located in Padua, Italy. They have been making quality liqueurs and spirits using locally-sourced ingredients since 1975. The Tosolini family combines generations of Italian distilling expertise with a passion for creating authentic flavour profiles.

The Production Method

Bepi Tosolini Sambuca starts with a base of sugarcane molasses. Anise and elderberry, which give sambuca its signature flavour, are then distilled along with over ten herbs, spices, and fruits. This complex botanical blend results in a distinctly balanced and aromatic sambuca.

Tasting Notes

Bepi Tosolini Sambuca offers powerful aromas of black licorice, fennel and subtle citrus.

Take a sip and rich, velvety anise coats the palate, followed by warming spices, elderberry and a hint of menthol.

The finish is smooth and lingering.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Sip Bepi Tosolini Sambuca neat as a digestif.

Or enjoy it the classic Italian way – with three coffee beans floating on top. For a modern take, use sambuca in place of vodka in a Cosmopolitan cocktail. However you choose to drink it, Bepi Tosolini Sambuca makes a flavourful liqueur.


Brand Bepi Tosolini
Country Italy
Region Fruili, Veneto
Size 70cl
ABV 38%
Flavour Anise | Liquorice | Fennel