Bad Fagins Apple Pie Moonshine

70cl | 35%

Possibly one of Exeter’s most infamous locally made spirits, Rob Lothian has donned his lab coat once again to produce his flagship Bad Fagins Apple Pie Moonshine.

This dreamy, spiced apple spirit used to be made in the rafters above The Fat Pig pub in Central Exeter. Opened initially by Hamish Lothian, not only was it the UK’s first commercial micro-distillery, he also distilled Exeter’s very first gin.

Crafted with passion and expertise, this artisanal moonshine pays homage to the legendary Fagin; a character known for his mischievous nature and love for the finer things in life. Just like its namesake, Bad Fagins Apple Pie Moonshine is a tantalising concoction that captures the essence of tradition and craftsmanship.

Exeter Distillery, nestled in the heart of the picturesque English countryside, is a distillery steeped in history and expertise. With a commitment to quality and an unwavering dedication to their craft, Exeter Distillery has gained a reputation for producing exceptional spirits. Rob painstakingly selects the finest ingredients and employ time-honoured techniques to ensure each bottle of their moonshine is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

The process of creating Bad Fagins Apple Pie Moonshine is a harmonious blend of art and science. Handpicked, sun-ripened apples are carefully pressed to extract their purest juices, which are then fermented to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity. This exquisite base is then infused with a secret blend of spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of clove, adding a warm and comforting dimension to the spirit. The result is a harmonious marriage of crisp apple notes and a rich, spiced undertone that dances on the palate.

Tasting Note

Bad Fagins Apple Pie Moonshine delights the senses with its array of captivating flavours.

The initial burst of juicy apple greets the taste buds, followed by the gentle warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg that lingers on the tongue.

A subtle hint of clove adds depth, creating a beautifully rounded and satisfying experience.

This artisanal moonshine is a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy, ensuring a taste that is both familiar and delightfully unique.

Bad Fagin’s Apple Pie Moonshine is the older sibling of Bad Fagin’s Pear Moonshine

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Bad Fagins Apple Pie Moonshine goes down far too well as a shooter… 

However, for those seeking an extra touch of indulgence, we suggest trying the “Fagin’s Autumn Delight” cocktail.

In a shaker, combine 50ml of Bad Fagin’s Apple Pie Moonshine, 25ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a dash of maple syrup, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled glass.

Garnish with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick to add a touch of visual flair. Sip and revel in the harmonious blend of flavours that encapsulates the spirit of autumn in a glass.


Brand Exeter Distillery
Country UK
Region Exeter, Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 35%
Flavour Apples | Cinnamon | Spice
About the Producer

Exeter Distillery

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