Black Sails Ex-bourbon aged White Rum

Two Drifters Barrel Aged White Rum70cl, 40%

Gemma and Russ originally began making beer before following their large dream of opening a rum distillery. After trying and testing many rums from around the world, they were both settled on the idea that being 100% molasses-based creates a much smoother, sweeter rum and that’s exactly what they do. They ferment and distil their own molasses in their Exeter based distillery before mixing it with their special water. After, they ferment at 30 degrees with yeast for 7-9 days before performing the strip distillation. They are also one of the only distilleries that are fully carbon negative, this means they use more carbon from the environment than they produce. The white rum has a touch of anise spice with a hint of coconut and a slight sweetness on the tongue, the rum is then placed in ex-bourbon casks to age for 3 months which imparts an amber colour and flavours of oak and whisky. Delicious!


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