The Tarquin’s Xmas Bundle

2 x 70cl | 2 x 42%

Exclusive to Rusty Nail Spirits is The Tarquin’s Xmas Bundle.

Get ready to celebrate the festive season 2 bottles of Tarquin’s gins, a branded gin goblet and a tidy branded Jute bag.

Each sought after bundle includes;

Tarquin’s London Dry Gin
1 x 70cl
11 botanicals from all around the world are added to the stills to be macerated overnight in a neutral grain spirit before finally adding violets in the morning.
This process creates a fresh, piney gin with lemon sherbet notes, a touch of eastern spice and a lingering floral complexity.

Tarquin’s Figgy Pudding Gin
1 x 70cl
Drawing inspiration from the flavours and retro table-side-drama of a flaming Figgy Pudding, South Western Distillery have taken their flagship Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin as the base, then added dried figs, fresh clementine zest, warming Christmas spice botanicals and brandy soaked cherry wood chips (which were blow-torched before being added to the still).
This process creates a masterfully crafted gin packed with nostalgic festive warmth.

Tarquin’s Branded Goblet
Made for the perfect Tarquin’s gin drink.

Tarquin’s Jute Bag
The perfect bag for a trip to the Christmas market, a wintery picnic or just a trip to the shops!
Large and sturdy. Perfect for any Tarquin’s Gin lover.


Only 2 left in stock

Perfect Serve Nailed!

The Tarquin’s Xmas Bundle perfect serves;

Tarquin’s London Dry Gin
Tarquin’s Dry Gin has a lingering floral complexity. Because of this, we like it with a premium tonic, wedge of lime and a sprig of lavender.

Tarquin’s Figgy Pudding Gin
Tarquin’s Spiced Figgy Pudding Gin works magically with a Premium Ginger Ale.


Brand Southwestern Distillery
Country UK
Region Higher Trevibban Farm, Cornwall
Size 2 x 70cl
ABV 2 x 42%
Flavour Pine | Citrus | Spice/Figs | Clementine
About the Producer

Southwestern Distillery

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