Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength

70cl, 57%

Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength is hand crafted on the wild Cornish Coast in a fully-independent, family-run distillery. Southwestern Distillery lays claim to 3 250 litre copper stills called Tamara, Senara and Tressa and 1 500 litre still called Ferarra.

11 botanicals from all around the world are added to the stills to be macerated overnight in a neutral grain spirits before finally adding violets in the morning.

Tasting Note

The Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength is wonderfully fragrant, well rounded on the nose  with the warmth of black pepper.

It’s fresh, piney gin, big and spicy with lemon sherbet notes, a touch of eastern spice and a lingering floral complexity.


Have you tried their original Tarquin’s London Dry?


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength works very well as a sipping gin with crushed ice. If you prefer a longer drink then add a premium aromatic tonic with a chunk of grapefruit.


Brand Southwestern Distillery
Country UK
Region Higher Trevibban Farm, Cornwall
Size 70cl
ABV 57.%
Flavour Black Pepper | Zest | Citrus
About the Producer

Southwestern Distillery

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