Soto Sake Premium Junmai Daiginjo

72cl | 15.5%

“Sōtō” which means “outside” in Japanese, is a celebration of the earth’s finest ingredients, which have been combined to create this high grade all-natural product: finely polished speciality rice and pristine mountain water from Obara, Japan.

Soto Sake Premium Junmai Daiginjo is an all-natural award-winning sake with an approachable, delicate, clean, and earthy flavour profile that has embraced a genuine field to bottle concept.

Tasting Note

Smooth and crisp with hints of apple, cucumber and melon. Floral on the nose with notes of gala apples and lemon zest.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Soto Sake Premium Junmai is best served chilled, in cocktails or while dining.




Brand Soto
Country Japan
Region Obara
Size 72cl
ABV 15.5%
Flavour Apple | Cucumber | Melon

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