Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake

30cl, 7%

Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake boasts a rich but refreshing umami flavour profile that highlights the authentic flavour of Hyogo’s Yamada Nishiki rice grain, which is polished until only 60% of the grain remains. A classic brew that is clear and well-organized.

This is a light, pleasant wine that is made in the same manner as Champagne and has a Moscato d’Asti-like flavour. an excellent aperitif.

Tasting Note

A fresh nose with faint citrus fruit undertones. Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake has delicate fruit aromas and hints of lemon and melon, the tongue is well-balanced with a finish that is clean and invigorating.

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The distillers of Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake is perfect as an aperitif.



Brand Akashi-Tai
Country Japan
Region Hyogo
Size 30cl
ABV 7%
Flavour Citrus | Melon | Lemon Zest
About the Producer

Akashi Sake Brewery

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