Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu Sake

50cl, 14%

Master Brewer Kimio Yonezawa and his close team of trusted craftsmen brew using traditional methods, and only with the highest quality, locally produced ingredients.

Most notably the rice and the water, both of which Hyogo is renowned for throughout Japan and the wider sake world.

Tasting Note

This luxurious plum liqueur is made by preserving the finest plums in Ginjo Sake, made from Yamada Nishiki rice. After marinating for 6 months, the fruits are removed then the liquid is left to age for a further 2 and a half years.

A voluptuous bouquet of stewed cherries and plums is followed by a sweetness in the mouth with abundant plum and almond flavours. Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu Sake has a smooth, lengthy finish.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu Sake is a perfect aperitif though the creators have some suggestions;
  • Mixed with soda as an aperitif
  • Straight, chilled or on the rocks when served with spicy dishes
  • Straight when served with dessert or paired with pancakes
  • Poured over vanilla ice cream or sorbet




Brand Akashi Sake Brewery
Country Japan
Region Hyogo
Size 50cl
ABV 14%
Flavour Dates | Cherries | Almonds
About the Producer

Akashi Sake Brewery

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