Sir Robin Of Locksley Gin

70cl, 40.5%

After working as a buyer for many years, John Cherry and his wife took their passion for gin a step further and founded Locksley Distilling in 2014, following a year of development in 2013. He produced 104 different gin combinations in all, with number 61 being his favourite and final recipe for Sir Robin Of Locksley Gin.

Tasting Note

The stars of this gin are the upfront juniper, coriander, cassia, angelica, liquorice and pink grapefruit, with more subtle elderflower  and dandelion scents seeping through with the latter two being handpicked in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.. Deliciously smooth and round on the palate. The pink grapefruit gives a subtle sweetness and a citrus aftertaste.

Balanced, yet totally distinctive.


After the successful launch of Sir Robin Of Locksley Gin, John Cherry released their Sir Robin Of Locksley Raspberry & Cardamom Gin


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

One of the few (if not the only) real English sipping gins, Sir Robin of Locksley Gin is incredibly versatile. Try it plain or chilled. Among many other drinks, it produces a great dirty or dry martini and a great G&T.

We like it with an elderflower tonic and a wedge of grapefruit.


Brand Locksley Distilling
Country UK
Region Sheffield, Yorkshire
Size Size
ABV 40.5%
Flavour Bold Juniper | Elderflower | Grapefruit
About the Producer

Locksley Distilling

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