St Ives Cold Compound Gin

70cl, 38%

The Thompson brothers’ first step into the realm of distillation is St Ives Cold Compound Gin, and it’s a total joy!

They collect a secret blend of 13 unique botanicals from their cottage garden, the Cornish shoreline, and the windy clifftops. Each plant is steeped separately in the finest grain spirit before being expertly combined to produce the desired flavour and the Thompson brothers’ signature style.

Tasting Note

On the palate, this Cornish gin has a trace of vanilla, thyme, a whiff of smoky Cornish seaweed, and a warming peppercorn spice, with lasting citrus notes.

St Ives Cold Compound Gin is also available in a half bottle (35cl)

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St Ives Liquor Co



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Perfect Serve Nailed!

We love the herbaceous and floral nature of St Ives Cold Compound Gin. Because of this, our perfect serve is a regular premium tonic, a chunk of lime and a sprig of mint. 




Brand St Ives Liquor Co
Country UK
Region St Ives, Cornwall
Size 70cl
ABV 38%
Flavour Citrus | Floral | Seaweed | Black Pepper
About the Producer

Saint Ives Liquor Co

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