Robert Burns Blended Whisky Mini

5cl | 40%

Robert Burns Blended Whisky Mini, a true masterpiece crafted by the renowned Isle of Arran Distillery in Scotland. This exceptional blend pays homage to the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns, and embodies the spirit of his immortal words through its rich and captivating flavours.
With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, the Isle of Arran Distillery has been producing exceptional whiskies since its establishment in 1995, drawing upon centuries of Scottish distilling traditions.

Robert Burns Blended Whisky Mini is meticulously crafted using a selection of the finest malt and grain whiskies, each carefully chosen to create a harmonious and complex flavour profile. The distillery’s skilled craftsmen oversee the blending process, ensuring that every drop of this exceptional whisky embodies the spirit of Scotland.

This whisky pays tribute to the iconic poet Robert Burns, who was not only a literary genius but also a lover of whisky. It captures the essence of his poetic brilliance, offering a sensory journey that engages the palate and stirs the soul. The history of this whisky is steeped in the traditions of Scottish distilling, and it represents a celebration of the enduring legacy of Robert Burns.

Tasting Note

Robert Burns Blended Whisky Mini enchants the senses with its amber hue and entices with a delicate aroma of honeyed heather, ripe orchard fruits, and a subtle hint of peat smoke.

On the palate, it unfolds with a symphony of flavours, from sweet toffee and creamy vanilla, to notes of spiced apples, raspberries and a gentle wisp of oak.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving behind a lingering warmth of spices and a touch of dark chocolate.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Robert Burns Blended Whisky Mini deserves a healthy pour into a tulip-shaped whisky glass.

Allow the whisky to breathe for a moment, releasing its aromatic bouquet.

Pair it with a selection of Scottish artisanal cheeses or dark chocolate for a truly indulgent experience.


Brand Isle of Arran Distillers
Country Scotland
Region Lochranza, Isle of Arran
Size 5cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Raspberry | Spice | Apple
About the Producer

Isle of Arran Distillers

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