Muff Liquor Potato Gin

70cl | 40%

Looking for an unexpected twist on classic gin? Look no further than Muff Liquor Potato Gin from Ireland’s tongue-in-cheek Muff Liquor Company. Distilled with potatoes, this is gin with true Irish spirit.

Born in the Seaside Town of Muff, The Muff Liquor Company was founded in 2018 and produces its spirits in the small Irish village of Muff in County Donegal. Known for its light-hearted brand name, Muff Liquor aims to capture the humour and charm of Irish culture in all its products.

Distilling Gin with Irish Potatoes
Muff Liquor Potato Gin starts by distilling a pure, neutral potato spirit. This spirit base is then added to a traditional copper pot still. The pot still allows the spirit to be gently heated and cooled through a meticulous distillation process that refines and purifies the liquid.

Once brought down to room temperature, a hand-selected blend of botanicals is added to the potato base for an overnight cold infusion. These aromatic botanicals include bright mandarin, floral elderflower, zesty grapefruit peel, piney juniper, and fresh rosemary.

The next day, the pot still is heated again and the gin undergoes a further FIVE rounds of distillation – six total – to achieve its signature smoothness and clarity. Finally, a touch of champagne extract is blended in just before bottling to provide Muff Liquor Potato Gin with its distinctive, sophisticated flavour.

Tasting Note

Juniper leaps forward first with its sharp pine and citrus notes. There are traces of zesty grapefruit, orange peel, and vibrant mandarin. Hints of elderflower, rosemary and angelica root provide an herbal backbone.

On the palate, the first sensation is the gin’s exceptionally smooth and creamy mouthfeel thanks to the potato base. The juniper is more subdued, allowing the citrus to shine. Orange and mandarin roll across the tongue along with a suggestion of black pepper spice.

The finish is pleasingly dry yet retains the gin’s signature creaminess. Lingering juniper and black pepper fade slowly, leaving the palate fresh and awakened.

The Muff Liquor Co also produce a potato vodka.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Mix Muff Liquor Potato Gin into a classic G&T garnished with a rosemary sprig for an herbaceous twist. Or try a Potato Rickey cocktail:

  • 50ml Muff Liquor Potato Gin
  • 25ml Fresh lime juice
  • Soda water
  • Lime wheel garnish

Add gin and lime juice to a tall glass of ice. Top with soda and garnish. Sláinte!


Brand Muff Liquor Co
Country Ireland
Region Muff, County Donegal
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Mandarin | Rosemary | Elderflower
About the Producer

Muff Liquor Co