Muff Liquor Potato Gin 70cl, 40%

Muff Gin is a premium potato based spirit, using the same potato base before being distilled. The neutral potato base is then added to a Pot Still. A Pot Still is a type of kettle which allows the base mixture to be heated and cooled in order to be purified through the process of distillation. Once cooled to room temperature, we add in our aromatic blend of botanicals to the potato base. These botanicals are steeped overnight in a cold infusion. The main botanicals we use are mandarin, elderflower, grapefruit peel, juniper, and rosemary. The following day, the pot still is heated and the distillation process begins again. The gin is distilled a total of 6 times. Prior to bottling, a Champagne extract is added to the gin at the end of the process for a distinctive taste.


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Accentuate the floral aspect with a premium elderflower tonic and a large wedge of mandarin.


Brand Muff Liquor Co
Country Ireland
Region Muff, County Donegal
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Mandarin | Rosemary | Elderflower
About the Producer

Muff Liquor Co

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