Mini 6 O’Clock Trio Set

3 x 5cl | 26%/43%/50%

Mini 6 O’Clock Trio Set
Edward and Penny Kain began their foray into spirits over 30 years ago when they owned a fruit farm in South Devon and successfully made fruity liqueurs. The business having now been passed to their children, Michael and Felicity, operates just outside Bristol.

6 O’Clock London Dry
5cl | 43%
The London dry style gin offers a wonderfully traditional juniper and citrus character with lovely notes of elderflower all wonderfully presented in their bespoke, classic, Bristol-blue bottle.

6 O’Clock Sloe gin
5cl | 26%
The sloe gin uses generous amounts of locally sourced, hedgerow sloes, combined with the perfect amount of sugar and added to their 6 O’clock London Dry Gin and left to soak for at least 6 months. This lengthy process creates a smooth, vibrant, rich sloe gin with kirsch cherry and sweet plum flavour.

6 O’Clock Brunel Gin
5cl | 50%
The Brunel has been exquisitely engineered as an export strength expression of their classic London Dry gin. Distilled with more juniper and 6 additional botanicals for a more complex flavour profile.

Mini 6 O’Clock Trio Set is a fantastic gift idea for the gin lover in your life, or as a cheeky treat for yourself.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

The fabulous Mini 6 O’Clock Trio Set contains;

1 x 5cl 6 O’Clock London Dry
Serves well as a classic G & T with premium tonic and a wedge of lime.

1 x 5cl 6 O’Clock Sloe Gin
Works splendid on it’s own or with a premium lemon tonic.

1 x 5cl 6 O’Clock Brunel Gin
Serve with plenty of ice, premium tonic and an orange wheel.


Brand Bramley and Gage Distillery
Country UK
Region Thornbury, Gloucestershire
Size 5cl
ABV 26% / 43% / 50%
Flavour Cherry | Plum/Juniper | Citrus/Elderflower | Citrus

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