Domaine de Chez Maillard Leyrat Cognac VSOP

70cl | 40%

Prepare to be enthralled by the exquisite Domaine de Chez Maillard Leyrat Cognac VSOP—a true testament to the artistry and passion of its esteemed producer. Nestled in the heart of the Cognac region in France, Domaine de Chez Maillard Leyrat is a family-owned estate with a rich heritage spanning generations. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to traditional craftsmanship and their deep connection to the land, the producer meticulously tends to their vineyards, cultivating the revered Ugni Blanc grapes that form the backbone of their exceptional Cognacs.

To craft the magnificent Domaine de Chez Maillard Leyrat Cognac VSOP, the hand-picked Ugni Blanc grapes undergo a meticulous process of transformation. After gentle pressing, the resulting grape juice is slowly fermented to preserve its vibrant flavours. The wine is then distilled in traditional copper pot stills, allowing for the delicate extraction of aromas and the development of a pure and refined eau-de-vie. The Cognac is subsequently aged in French oak barrels, where it acquires its rich amber hue and matures gracefully, capturing the essence of time.

Tasting Note

With each sip of Domaine de Chez Maillard Leyrat Cognac VSOP, you embark on an extraordinary tasting experience.

The nose is greeted with enticing aromas of ripe fruits, including apricot and pear, intertwined with elegant floral notes and a subtle hint of vanilla.

On the palate, the Cognac unfolds its layers of complexity, revealing flavours of caramelized sugar, honeyed oak, and a delicate touch of spice.

The texture is velvety-smooth, offering a truly indulgent sensation that lingers long after the last sip.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

For the perfect serve, savour Domaine de Chez Maillard Leyrat Cognac VSOP neat or with a single ice cube to enhance its flavour profile and release its aromatic bouquet.

Allow the Cognac to evolve on your palate, savouring the delicate balance of flavours and the interplay between the fruity notes, gentle spices, and subtle oak undertones. Alternatively, experience the elegance of a classic Sidecar cocktail, where the Cognac’s refined character can shine alongside the harmonizing ingredients.


Brand Domaine de Chez Maillard
Country France
Region Fins Bois, Cognac
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour White Fruits | Spice | Oak
About the Producer

Domaine de Chez Maillard