Dartmoor Whisky Bourbon Cask

70cl, 46%

We had the pleasure of meeting Greg Millar, founder and owner of Dartmoor Distillery recently when he indulged us in a tour and tasting of his newly launched Whiskies; Dartmoor Whisky Bordeaux Cask and Dartmoor Whisky Bourbon Cask. Situated in the historic Bovey Tracey town council building which dates back to the early 1800’s it is the perfect spot for his reconditioned copper still which Greg located in Cognac.


When the barley is mature and golden, it is picked locally on Dartmoor and transported to Warminster Maltings to be malted. It is Britain’s oldest working malting house and employs traditional malting methods such as germination floors and good old fashioned manual labour to malt barley to the highest of standards.

Local cask ale makers create our beer wash according to the original formula that was provided by our master distiller, Frank McHardy. The primary distillation process takes place in their gorgeous copper still, which was imported from France’s Cognac area.

After that, the spirit is placed in ex-Bourbon barrels to mature.

Although there is no age statement on the Whiskies they are all around 3 ½ years in barrel but to taste them you would think they were older as they are all complex, smooth and extremely polished.

Tasting Note

Dartmoor Whisky Bourbon Cask offers mouth watering vanilla aromas and the pallet displays toffee, caramel and marshmallow with a peppery almost sweet spicy finish.

Check out their single malt Bordeaux cask!



In stock

Perfect Serve Nailed!

Dartmoor Whisky Bourbon Cask is best served over a few large chunks of ice.



Brand Dartmoor Whisky Distillery
Country UK
Region Bovey Tracey | Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 46%
Flavour Toffee | Crème Brûlée | Marshmallow.

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