Beefeater Strawberry Gin

70cl | 37.5%

Beefeater Distillery was established in 1863 and is now the world’s most iconic gin brand. Based in the heart of London, Beefeater has over 150 years of distilling expertise. Whilst staying true to their heritage, the brand continues to innovate and create new renditions of their classic dry gin.

Beefeater Strawberry Gin is the creation of Master Distiller Desmond Payne, who has over 45 years of experience crafting high-quality gins showcasing creative flavour profiles balanced by tradition. Desmond expertly combines the citrus and herbaceous notes of Beefeater’s signature botanical blend with sweet, juicy strawberry that adds lush fruit character.

The Production Method

Beefeater Strawberry Gin starts with Beefeater’s trusted London Dry gin recipe, which contains juniper, coriander, citrus peels and other botanicals. Ripe British strawberries are then added to the mix. The strawberries are carefully macerated to release their vibrant scarlet juice and infuse it with delicious natural berry flavour. This special distillate is then bottled at 37.5% ABV, a slightly lower alcohol percentage than standard Beefeater Dry Gin. The lower ABV provides maximum smoothness and allows the sweet strawberry aroma and taste to shine through.

Tasting Notes

Beefeater Strawberry Gin delights the senses right from the first whiff, with aromas of ripe, jammy strawberries.

On the palate, layers of juicy, fresh strawberries mingle perfectly with the citrus and subtle spice from Beefeater’s traditional botanicals.

There are hints of red berry sweetness, but it finishes crisp and dry. The strawberries give this gin a deliciously smooth, fruit-forward profile unlike any traditional London Dry. Each sip is a summer fruit treat.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Served over ice with a squeeze of lemon, Beefeater Strawberry Gin is exquisite sipped on its own to enjoy the luscious strawberry character.

For the quintessential serve, pour 50ml of gin into a wine glass filled with premium tonic water and plenty of ice before garnishing with fresh strawberries and mint. Or use it in place of dry gin when making fruity cocktails like the Strawberry Gin Fizz, topped with lemonade and fresh mint. However it’s served, Beefeater Strawberry Gin is perfectly smooth, fruity and refreshing.


Brand Beefeater Distillery
Country UK
Region London
Size 70cl
ABV 37.5%
Flavour Strawberries | Citrus Peel | Coriander
About the Producer

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