Devon Rum Company

Devon Rum Co. was created by, Dave Seear, out of the idea to create a new, fun, and environmentally friendly business; based in Devon and using ethically sourced products.

After nearly 30 years in the recruitment industry, Dave had been looking for a new challenge. Something completely different, that definitely doesn’t involve putting on a suit! His wife has established herself as a local artist, his daughter is a yoga instructor who runs classes in the area and on the local beaches in the summer and his son is a fanatical surfer, photographer and surf instructor both here in Devon and around the world when travelling.

Rum sales are on a significant rise, perhaps following the rise of gin and is now being appreciated by a new generation of drinkers.

It seems there is definitely a space in the market to be filled, somewhere between the high volume supermarket brands and the high-end premium brands, for a great quality, but sensibly priced artisan spiced rum. Something crafted with some passion and simply focusing on creating a great product with a great taste.

So, the idea of Devon Rum Company and a premium spiced rum was born!

The company launched in March 2020 and set out to ensure that products and ingredients are sourced ethically, that all packaging is acquired from sustainable sources wherever possible and critically to us, that we use no plastics and all packaging is 100% recyclable.

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