Devon Rum Co – Honey Spiced Rum 70cl, 37.5%

Devon Rum Co. was born out of the idea to create a new, fun, and environmentally friendly business; based in Devon and using ethically sourced products.

This is a small batch, craft rum made in an ‘English Style’ with a blend of Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana. Their unique blend of pot and column-stilled rum is created working closely with one of the world’s leading blenders and importers of traditional Caribbean rums.

They import the rum at 80% ABV and once in the UK, they infuse the base Caribbean rum in vats with natural Devon spring water to reduce the ABV to 37.5% and to create a unique soft blend. The rum is then steeped in their own special recipe of natural aromatic spices, pepper and citrus zest, which gives the rum it’s great taste and unique local quality.

Following this, they add local wild flower honey. This is a much sweeter and silky smooth rum, delicately spiced, hand-crafted and bottled in the heart of Devon.

The result, a fantastic premium honey spiced rum, crafted and bottled in Devon and reflecting their heritage, lifestyle and love for the ocean.

Dark Amber in colour, with aromas of sweet honey, maple syrup, warming cardamom and a hint of citrus.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

This Honey Spiced Rum from Devon Rum Co works tremendously well over ice with a wheel of lemon.


Brand Devon Rum Company
Country UK
Region Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 37.5%
Flavour Honey, maple, cardamom
About the Producer

Devon Rum Company