Wrecking Coast Honey Sloe Gin

50cl, 34.5%

The distillers down at Wrecking Coast have made their very own Wrecking Coast Honey Sloe Gin.

With locally sourced sloes and a generous helping of Cornish honey, this sloe gin has a harmonious balance of jammy sweetness and luxury.

Tasting Note

Plenty of juniper, sloes, and a delicate blend of orange and lemon zest, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg that is slowly steeped for at least three months.

A month before bottling, sweetness is added to bring out the rich, dark red-berry flavours of the sloes, followed by a finish of Cornish Wildflower honey from local hives around Cornwall.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Pop a shot of Wrecking Coast Honey Sloe Gin in a glass of Prosecco when you are feeling fancy or serve simply on the rocks.

During winter time, trying popping a shot (or 2) in a hot toddy.  A perfect winter warmer.



Brand The Wrecking Coast Distillery
Country UK
Region Tintagel, Cornwall
Size 50cl
ABV 34.5%
Flavour Sloe | Citrus | Caramel | Clove

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