Tinkture Rose Refill Pouch Gin 50cl, 44%

Tinkture Rose gin was actually made accidentally by Hannah when she was experimenting blending and distilling a multitude of different locally sourced botanicals. She was wowed so much by the flavour profile that the Tinkture Rose gin became it’s own entity. Presented in a distinctive looking apothecary bottle, this refillable gin is delightfully light, delicate with a touch of citrus. The juniper and coriander give a deep and complex flavour as the use of edible rose petals gives a subtle floral note.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Try with a premium tonic, plenty of ice and a few slices of fresh cut pear.


Brand Tinkture Ltd
Country UK
Region Penzance, Cornwall
Size 50cl Refill Pouch
ABV 44%
Flavour Juniper, citrus, floral, rose petals

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