Peat’s Beast Single Malt Whisky

70cl | 46%

Peat’s Beast Single Malt Whisky, released in 2011, was the result of several brilliant brains working together. The mix of vital components, like with any outstanding drink, makes all the difference.

Until recently, peat was the principal source of residential fuel in Scotland. It is the soft, spongy dirt formed of dead vegetation such as moss, plants, and tree roots, which is easily accessible and appears to be in unlimited supply.

When burned, it emits an exceptionally smoky and aromatic smoke; so, when peat was employed to dry malted barley in the nascent whisky industry, the phenolic properties it provided became highly coveted. Rich overtones of tar, iodine, smoke, and briny sea spray infused the distilled alcohol.

Tasting Note

On the nose, a rough blend of sea spray, bonfire smoke, moist earth, and spicy cinnamon awakens the senses right away.

These strong scents of peat moss and wet grass must be completely respected before alluring notes of crushed pear, apple, and freshly baked bread create the ideal end to this unforgettable tune.

As Peat’s Beast unfolds its fiery fangs on your palate, it is robust and bold, with plenty of backbone and structure. This is not for the weak of heart. With a biting wind blowing ferociously in your face, take a large mouthful. Hold it long in your mouth allow the thick tar, peat smoke and creamy liquorice to penetrate every part of your tongue.

Time will tame it.
Peat’s Beast Single Malt Whisky,
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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Peat’s Beast Single Malt Whisky is best served straight up or on the rocks. Whichever you prefer.


Brand Peat's Beast
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Size 70cl
ABV 46%
Flavour Peat | Moss | Baked Bread | Apples

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