Mellow Corn Whiskey 75cl, 40%

Mellow Corn is authentic American Corn Whiskey, a unique kind of straight whiskey that is rarely seen. As corn whiskey, it must be at least 81% corn grain in the mashbill and can be aged in new uncharred or used charred barrels.

The forerunner to Bourbon, American Straight Corn Whiskey has a recipe or mashbill that includes the minimum of 81% corn, the rest being malted barley and rye. As world-renowned whiskey writer Jim Murray wrote, “If you are a true student of whiskey, your education is a long way from being complete until you have mastered this particularly charming form.”

A young corn scent on the nose that develops into a healthy dose of vanilla with a light oak layer. To taste is rich vanilla, dried banana and toasted oak.


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Brand Heaven Hill Distillery
Country USA
Region Bardstown, Kentucky
Size 75cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Vanilla | Banana | Oak
About the Producer

Heaven Hill Distillery

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