Martin Millers Westbourne Gin

70cl | 45.2%

Martin Miller and 2 of his friends (David Bromige & Andreas Versteegh) were decidedly unimpressed with the lack of quality gin around so they took it upon themselves to create the best gin possible – sparing no expense. Being an avid traveller, Mr Miller sourced ingredients from all over the world to craft his perfect gin. The Westbourne Dry Gin was Martin’s response to many Mixologist’s requests for a version of his gin that would add a classic authenticity to their cocktails and creations. Using his traditional botanicals, Martin decided to place emphasis on the spicier, peppery notes of cassia and nutmeg along with a higher alcohol strength.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

We like to use a premium tonic with a squeeze of fresh lime.


Brand Langley Distillery
Country UK
Region Langley, West Midlands
Size 70cl
ABV 45.20%
Flavour Juniper, pepper, spice
About the Producer

Langley Distillery

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