Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Gin 35cl, 40%

Martin Miller and 2 of his friends (David Bromige & Andreas Versteegh) were decidedly unimpressed with the lack of quality gin around so they took it upon themselves to create the best gin possible – sparing no expense. Being an avid traveller, Mr Miller sourced ingredients from all over the world to craft his perfect gin. The 9 Moons is kept in American oak bourbon barrels for 9 months in the Martin Millers barrel store in Borganes, Iceland. The oak gives the gin a warming oaky flavour with a touch of vanilla making a truly unique, aged gin. It is then blended with unpolluted, pure, Icelandic water which gives the gin a unique freshness, softness and clarity.


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Simply over ice or in cocktails.


Brand Langley Distillery
Country UK
Region Langley, West Midlands
Size 35cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Juniper, citrus, vanilla, oak
About the Producer

Langley Distillery

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