Hoxton Banana Rum 50cl, 40%

Hoxton Banana Rum is made using the finest, ethically sourced, natural ingredients to obtain a unique drinking experience. Inspired by island living! Created with lots of love and passion, an extensive process which involves fresh and dried banana being macerated for fives weeks with the finest hand-selected Caribbean rums. A blend of authentic rums aged between 3 and 8 years and originating from the countries most renowned for Rum production including Barbados, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The base material is mostly sugar cane molasses and a blend of mostly Column Still with a contribution of 15% Pot Still rums.

On the nose, there is a distinct molasses rum character backed up by gentle bananas. While on the palate the banana comes very much to the fore, and lingers on the finish with a smooth, just off-dry tropical fruit and spirit nose.


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We love making a banana Mojito with lime juice, sugar, mint and a dash of soda.


Brand Hoxton Spirits
Country UK
Region Hackney, East London
Size 50cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Molasses | Banana | Tropical Fruit
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Hoxton Spirits

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