Hattiers Rum

70cl | 40%

Hailing from the rolling hills of Devon, England, Hattiers Rum from H.B. Evelyo Distillery is a premium aged rum blended with care from select Caribbean rums.

Born of a Passion for Rum and the Sea

H.B. Evelyo was founded in 2017 by Philip Everett-Lyons, inspired by his family’s nautical heritage and dream to create an outstanding rum. Using his initials and family motto “Honour Before Evelyo” (Everett-Lyons), Philip launched Hattiers Rum – named after the family crest.

Aged Rums from Across the Caribbean

To make Hattiers Rum, Philip sources exceptional aged rums from the Caribbean’s top rum producing islands. The blend includes 8 year old rums from Barbados and the Dominican Republic, 6 year old Panamanian rum, and 4 year old Guatemalan.

Tasting Note

In the glass, Hattiers Rum glows a warm golden amber.

Enjoy aromas of buttery toffee, rich caramel, dried apricots and banana.

On the palate, each luxuriously smooth sip features robust flavours of molasses, Demerara sugar, cacao nibs and subtle baking spices.

It has a long, lingering finish redolent of vanilla, coconut and charred oak.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Hattiers Rum shines sipped neat or on the rocks to savour its depth and complexity. Its velvety texture also enhances tropical cocktails like a classic Daiquiri.

However you enjoy it, Hattiers brings the spirit of the Caribbean to the English coast.


Brand H.B. Evelyo Distillery
Country UK
Region Holbeton, Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Caramel | Tropical Fruit | Toffee | Cinnamon
About the Producer

H.B. Evelyo Distillery