Mayfield Elderflower and Peach Gin Liqueur

50cl | 20%

Crafted using Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin as the base, this vegan friendly gin liqueur only uses natural and ethically sourced ingredients. The label reveals another tale from Mayfield Village, East Sussex, the tale of St. Dunstan’s Lucky Horseshoe.

About the Producer

Mayfield Elderflower and Peach Gin Liqueur is expertly crafted by acclaimed master distiller James Arthur Rackham, founder and owner of the prestigious Emporia Brands. From his boutique micro-distillery on a family farm in East Sussex, James uses his decades of experience distilling premium artisanal spirits to create beautifully balanced liqueurs made with passion and unwavering care.

After honing his craft at a French distillery in Cognac and working for a prestigious Scottish whisky brand, James returned to his hometown roots in East Sussex to establish Emporia Brands. In his meticulously converted 18th century barns, James distils small batch gins and liqueurs celebrating the natural bounty of the South Downs countryside. His creations have earned him critical acclaim and recognition as one of Britain’s finest craft distillers.

James brings his technical mastery together with his creative flair for combining botanicals to produce spirits with signature smoothness and complexity. He personally oversees every step of the process from sourcing ingredients to bottling. This hands-on approach and attention to detail results in liqueurs bursting with flavour and the utmost quality.

The Production Method

Mayfield Elderflower and Peach Gin Liqueur showcases James Rackham’s expertise through its careful production process. It begins with his multi-award winning smooth English gin which he redistills in traditional copper pot stills along with a bespoke infusion of handpicked elderflower blossoms and juicy English peaches.

The elderflowers are sustainably wild-foraged by hand during their remarkably short blossom season in order to preserve the delicate floral notes and aromatic essence. James works closely with a local peach farm to obtain the ripest, juiciest peaches at their peak flavour.

After the flavourful fruits and flowers are infused into the spirit, it is gently diluted using pure spring water from the South Downs. James then distils the liqueur in small batches in his custom copper stills. This gives him control over every facet of the process and allows plenty of time for the flavours to properly permeate and integrate.

Taking his time with the gradual steps enables a harmonious blending of the sweet peach with heady elderflower on top of the smooth gin base. Meticulous care is taken at each point to produce a perfectly balanced liqueur that sings with flavour.

Tasting Notes

One look at the blushing peach hue gives a tantalizing preview of the bright fruit flavours within. On the nose, floral elderflower aromas mingle with sweet peach orchard.

Upon first taste, juicy peach and fragrant elderflower cordial dazzle the palate, complemented by the gin’s earthy juniper and zesty citrus. There is a syrupy, nectar-like texture with a whisper of fresh acidity on the finish keeping it lively.

With each luxurious sip, it’s like savouring summer in the English countryside – honey bees buzzing past elderflower hedgerows while picking peaches from the orchard.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Mayfield Elderflower and Peach Gin Liqueur is endlessly versatile, perfect for sipping on its own or incorporating into cocktails. For elegant simplicity, pour the liqueur into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with an edible flower.

For a visually stunning Peach Bellini, top off Prosecco with 25ml of the blushing liqueur and gently stir to combine. The carbonation helps elevate the floral and fruity notes.

To turn it into a refreshing summer cocktail, shake 25ml liqueur with lemon juice and elderflower syrup then strain over ice into a glass. Garnish your Peach Punch with fresh peach slices.


Brand The Worshipful Company of Distillers
Country UK
Region Mayfield, East Sussex
Size 50cl
ABV 20%
Flavour Marzipan | Pine | Peach | Elderflower
About the Producer

Mayfield Gin Distillery