El Ninot de Paper Blanco

El Ninot de Paper Blanco is produced in small family-owned winery called Bodegas Murviedro. The scenic vineyards are nestled in the heart of the sun-kissed region of Valencia. The winemakers pour their passion and expertise into every step of the winemaking process, ensuring that only the finest grapes are selected for this exquisite blend. The terroir of the vineyards, coupled with the artisanal techniques employed, results in a wine that truly reflects the essence of its origin.

The label of El Ninot de Paper Blanco is inspired by the Valencian tradition of Fallas, a festival where large puppets made of papier-mâché, known as ninots, are displayed and eventually burned in spectacular bonfires. The label captures the vibrant and festive spirit of Fallas, reflecting the wine’s connection to the local culture and its commitment to showcasing the essence of Valencia.

Tasting Note

Delicate floral notes dance on the nose, intertwined with the enticing aroma of ripe citrus fruits.

The palate is greeted by a symphony of flavours. Luscious tropical fruits, such as juicy pineapple and succulent mango, tantalize your taste buds, while hints of zesty lime and a touch of minerality provide a refreshing balance.

The wine’s velvety texture further enhances the overall experience, leaving a lingering, graceful finish that beckons another sip.

How about the El Ninot de Paper Tinto?


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

To enjoy El Ninot de Paper Blanco at its finest, serve it chilled in a tall, slender wine glass.

This wine perfectly compliments a variety of culinary delights, making it an ideal companion for seafood delicacies, grilled vegetables, or light salads.


Brand Bodegas Murviedro
Country Spain
Region Valencia
Size 75cl
Grape Viura/Sauvignon Blanc
Flavour Citrus | Green Apple | Floral
Attributes Vegan

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