Donna Elvira Settemazze Aglianico

This wine, grown in the producer’s original Montemiletto vineyard in Irpinia, Campania, was historically the preferred wine of the Roman empire.

This fresh, dry red is highly concentrated and strong in tannin, presenting an abundance of black fruit, tar, and distinct earthy flavours.

If you can resist the urge to drink it, this ancient wine can last racked for a long time and is worth saving for a special occasion.


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The strong acidity of the Donna Elvira Settemazze Aglianico wine perfectly complements barbecued flavours. Its high tannin level makes it crave flavours from rich meats with high fat content, which absorb and bind flavours.

Those of a vegetarian persuasion will appreciate its compliment to flavours with a strong umami note, such as black bean and soy sauces, tempeh, and dishes enhanced with roasted mushrooms.


Brand Donna Elvira
Country Italy
Region Irpinia, Campania
Size 75cl
Flavour Black Fruit, Tar, Earthy
Grape Aglianico
Attributes Unsure if Vegan/Veggie. Please bear with us
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