Death’s Door Gin 70cl, 47%

Tom and Ken Koyan began an agricultural experiment back in 2005 to see if they could reinvigorate farming on the near-enough abandoned Washington Island which used to be known for its busy potato farms. With much luck and hard-graft, their experiment paid off and wheat began to grow. Several years later, Brian Ellison founded Death’s Door distillery in 2012 with a means to continually support the local farming community and is now one of the largest distilleries Wisconsin has ever seen. The deceptively smooth 47% gin boasts 3 main botanicals; piney juniper, spicy fennel and citrussy coriander with a touch of liquorice and menthol.


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This works best on it’s own as a sipping gin but for a long drink we recommend a premium tonic with a slice of orange and some mint.


Brand Death's Door Spirits
Country USA
Region Washington Island, Wisconsin
Size 70cl
ABV 47%
Flavour Juniper, fennel, citrus
About the Producer

Death's Door Distillery

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