Dartmouth English Gin 70cl, 45%

Lance and Caroline Whitehead acquired their bespoke still from the Müller family located in the Black Forest in Germany. The Müller family have been making custom stills for generations and it’s their precise and patented design that gives The Dartmouth Distillery the utmost control throughout their production to make a remarkably smooth gin that’s packed full of flavour. Handcrafted at the Calancombe Estate, this gin lends itself to gentle floral notes of lavender and rose mixed with earthy rosemary and kaffir lime leaf followed by an orange and grapefruit tone.


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Serve with a premium tonic, chunk of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.


Brand The Dartmouth Distillery Ltd
Country UK
Region Dartmouth, Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 45%
Flavour Juniper, lavender, lemon peel
About the Producer

Dartmouth Distillery Ltd