Dartmouth Distillery Ltd

Lance and Caroline’s families’ past has been woven into the fabric and history of Dartmouth and the surrounding area for centuries – shipwrights, master mariners, Brixham trawlermen; builders and captains of sailing and steam ships that voyaged from Dartmouth delivering cargo and passengers cross the oceans.

They initially moved to Devon to establish a vineyard and orchard before having time and space to set-up a distillery to make classic gin and fruit based spirits with damsons, mirabelles and other fruits grown on the farm.

Their still was designed and hand-built specially for The Dartmouth Distillery Co. by the Müller family, from the Black Forest in Germany, who have been making stills for generations. This unique copper pot-still is key to what makes their gin so special. Müller’s patented design gives them precise control throughout the production of their spirit to develop the fullest flavour and a remarkably smooth spirit.

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